Mind The Gap: Things I Wished Id Known With Yami Lofvenberg

1:30 pm Tue, 9 Mar 2021
Yami Lofvenberg

Mind The Gap is our free programme offering advice on everything you need to know to start building your career in dance.


Join Creative Movement Director and Hip-Hop Dance Theatre Maker Yami Löfvenberg for an open discussion about finding your core values as an artist; speaking out for yourself and others; unconscious bias and diversity awareness.

Yami Löfvenberg is a multidisciplinary artist and director working across movement and theatre. Using her background and knowledge of hip-hop culture and dance, Yami’s work combines storytelling, comedy, physical expression, spoken word, sound and design. Underpinning Yami’s aesthetic are her core values and mission: movement at the heart, amplifying people of colour, new writing, unheard stories interwoven with subjects such as racism, stigmas, intersectional feminism, and social and political issues.

In between making her own work, directing and performance work, Yami mentors, lectures, creates and delivers workshops across the UK and internationally. 

Yami is a British and Arts Council England recipient, One Dance UK DAD Trailblazer Fellow, Marion North Recipient, and Talawa Make Artist. She was on the choreographic team for the 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony and is a member of the performance collective Hot Brown Honey.  

Yami also runs Passion & Purpose, a collaborative company that focuses on dance management, creative projects, and artist progression. 

Yami's session touches on issues such as racism and misconduct, which some participants may find upsetting. We will be providing a breakout room for those who need to take time out.